Monday, June 8, 2015


1.) My strengths would be turning things on time (or at all) I could improve taking photos outside of my comfort zone. I always take photos at my home or at school rarely at portland or some place else.

2.) I think I have. I know new things about photography and how it could change even save a life doing so.

3.) My favorite Project was Photog's Choice is was something I've done or even thought about. The pictures I think turned out well.

Photo Essay

My Aunt needs someone to take care of her cat so... the next day he was dropped off at our home with some of his belongings 
for me to look after.

                                            My little sisters tried to make him feel at home.
                                            (miniature doll house kitchen  is on the right.)

Fluffy is his name and he is currently hiding from me on top of the doll house.

In my household we usually close the door to the restroom. However with fluffy we must leave it open so he can go to the restroom.

                             Fluffy spent an usual amount of time just laying in his litter box. After looking up what this meant it meant that he feels unsafe, threatened in his environment so I had to make him feel                                                                         more at home.
Dogs are typically known for drinking out of toilets.... but Fluffy does so as well. 
So we had to keep an eye making sure he wasn't doing that.

                                     Having Fluffy here also meant that we couldn't just leave the door                                                            open or else he would run away. Which I learned the hard way.

                      So if you can't find him and the doors are closed.... he may just be hiding.

Fluffy tried several times to eat our pet beta fish.  So I had to make sure there was two fish at all times.

Though petting something soft is a good way to relax yourself doing homework you must leave him alone to sleep.

Thursday, May 21, 2015